Form 16 Signing – Go Paperless With Digital Signatures

Preparation and arising of employees’ Anatomy 16s is the bulky assignment at the end of every banking year. Traditionally, these forms accept been active and delivered manually; this accomplished action is time consuming, expensive, and cumbersome. Additionally, there are added possibilities of accepting these forms lost, or misplaced, consistent in re-issuance. And for re-issuance one has to afresh abide time-consuming processes.

Considering today’s scenario, no alignment can acquiesce to decay time, manpower, and cardboard on such processes. And as alignment are traveling online with a lot of of their processes, chiral signing of Anatomy 16s still looks like ability wastage. Therefore, the abstraction of digitally signing Anatomy 16s is accepting momentum, acceptance organizations to save time, money, and manpower, for important and analytical operations. This not alone helps in time management, but for accepting added Return on Investment (ROI).

Anything, which is legal, takes beneath time to become accepted and abiding in any anatomy of amusing or business environment. In case of digitally signing of Anatomy 16s, the Indian Information Technology Act 2000 recognizes the use of ‘Digital Signatures’ as agnate to ‘Physical Signatures’. Therefore, a digitally active Anatomy 16 has the aforementioned acknowledged authority as a physically active one. Besides, as per Circular No. 2/2007 anachronous 21/5/2007 from the Assets Tax Dept, “The Central Board of Direct Taxes have, therefore, in exercise of admiral beneath area 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, absitively for the able administering of this Act to acquiesce the deductors, at their option, in account of the tax to be deducted at antecedent from assets accountable beneath the arch ‘Salaries’ to use their agenda signatures to accredit the certificates of answer of tax at antecedent in Anatomy 16.”

This has encouraged assorted agenda signature solutions providers, like E-Lock, to accommodated the analytical claim of Anatomy 16 signing with their fast and easy-to-use products. Enabling users to digitally assurance bags of Anatomy 16s aural a few minutes, and acceptance them to go paperless, these solutions enhance the aegis and believability of the absolute process. Adding added to the signing process, E-Lock solutions acquiesce users to e-mail these digitally active Anatomy 16s to alone recipients in one go, acid down on the supply costs. Therefore, users/organizations get bifold allowances in one individual solution, which agency college ROI.

Digitally signing Anatomy 16 is an ideal archetype for organizations on how to save money and time on routine, yet analytical tasks, after compromising on aegis and actuality of the process.

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